EIRL Companies

Inversiones Salkantay Eirl

Location: South America>>Peru>>l cusco

Travel and Tourism Agency IN PERU TRAVEL, is a legally constituted company, as a legal entity, with Cusquenian capital solvency, accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Tourism, and created to promote and perform receptive and internal tourist operations, under a corporative group?s dynamic scheme which allows us to work with efficiency within the Peruvian territory?s national tourism network.

vasvill eirl

Location: N/A

Peruvian company dedicated to making clothes for women. as t shirts polos, pants, jeans for the modern woman of today, with ethnic designs Peruvians, we are in lima Peru,now develop fine jewelry in silver, thousands of models for export, if you are interested in learning cuaes models, just ask and we send the models we manufacture in quantitycontact us at 991203994-5610924 code lima Peru 511 Address: mz l1lote 14 Tel: 51-11-5610924


Location: South America>>Chile

exporter of all type of products of the sea, processes of packing, in block in coats and boxes. Address: florencia 1058, POSTCODE/ZIP: 2662529 Tel: 56-35-252400


Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Tel: 56-56-2-6339417


Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Basilio Ramos, POSTCODE/ZIP: 052 Tel: 51-52-310273


Location: Europe>>Switzerland>>Uri

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Calle Surinam 152 Urb. Sta. Patricia La Molina, POSTCODE/ZIP: Lima12 Tel: 5-11-3480409

Representaciones Jl Eirl

Location: Asia>>Thailand>>Nan

My Company is a small company in Tacna - Peru. We manufacture a plastic pipe for agriculture and industry. Address: Hipolito Unanue 543 - 106 Cercado, Tacna, Peru, POSTCODE/ZIP: Tacna Fax: Mr. Fernando Jimenez Loureiro

HWK Eirl

Location: South America>>Chile

Our enterprise make solutions technology problems, in the area of agriculture & food, security & protection, electrical & electronics, computer products. Address: Casilla 1138, Osorno, Chile Fax: Mr. Harry Weisser Kusch(Sales

KGM Representaciones EIRL

Location: Africa>>Senegal>>matam

We are a peruvian company with 11 years in peruvian tyres market for otr, trucks, lith trucks, agriculture and industrial transporters we sell tyres, tubes flaps and wheels. We are location in lima peru. And distribution for all peru territory. Address: Ing. Luis Grana149 Torres De Limatambo, POSTCODE/ZIP: Lima41 Tel: 51-1-4751763 Fax: 51-1-4751763

House Insects of peru EIRL

Location: South America>>Peru>>Puno

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: jr. puno 1036, POSTCODE/ZIP: 60 Tel: 51-62-564742 Fax: 51-9-90157388


Location: Europe>>Albania>>Fier

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Tel: 56-56-2-4478505


Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Tel: 56-56-72-230399


Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Av. Benavides 347 Of 41, POSTCODE/ZIP: Lima18 Tel: 51-1-2432815

M & J Distribuciones Eirl

Location: South America>>Venezuela>>Trujillo

We are a new company and sell to private and professional companies of the state, hospitals and clinics of the health in particular, like doctors, odontologists, obstetrices.We sell all class of equipment and surgical instruments medical and examination and diagnosis. Address: VIVALDI 373 URBANIZACION PRIMAVERA TRUJILLO LA LIB Tel: 51-44-224430

Andes Natural Mining Solutions Eirl

Location: South America>>Chile>>metropolitana

WE ARE A CHILEAN COMPANY CALLED Andes Natural Mining Solutions Eirl, in this moment are looking some company to do business wth us, for mutual benefits. We sell somes Copper, Gold, Silver, Lithium Mining prospects at the north of Chile ATACAMAS REGION.- If you are really intersting, please don't hesitate to contact us.- Address: Chile - Region Metropolitana


Location: South America>>Chile

CD-Tecnologias eirl Ingeniering service and sales of instruments. Company was started in 1990, the principal works is ingeniering proyects and sales of instruments to analisis of many elements. Address: Esperanza 451 And El Parron 244, Santiago, Chile Fax: Mr. Carlos Diaz(Technical Dept

Felice Impex Eirl

Location: South America>>Peru

Felice Impex Eirl is a young company in Peru, now we are a dealer of bath products, we have importants partners. Address: 237 Codornices St., Lima, Peru, POSTCODE/ZIP: Lima 27 Fax: Mr. Luis Felice(Administration

Prisma Color Eirl

Location: South America>>Peru

Our company reatail photographic products, and we have a chain of photo retail stores, we are as well distributors of minilabs. Address: Jr. Barrenechea 587 Magdalena Del Mar, Lima, Peru Fax: Mr. Boris Obando

Hakan Maki E.I.R.L

Location: N/A

We are a Peruvian company whose significance lays in enhancing the brilliant Hands of our artisans, which permit us to know beautiful pieces of art, that are identified with our ancestral culture; in this way, we develop traditional and modern designs with identify and originality; we also elaborate special designs, according to the customer`s request. We make products such as: 1-Handmade Textiles2-Alpaca Garments and Accessories3-Clothes for Baby and Children (as) 4-Bisuteria craft Address: Pilar Lara Jr. No. 521-Carmen de la Legua, POSTCODE/ZIP: Callao-03 Tel: 51-511-4523662

South Food Plus E.I.R.L.

Location: N/A

Export packaged food to Miami and HamburgImport packaged food from Korea and Spain Address: Blanca Estela 330, POSTCODE/ZIP: 1111 Tel: 56-32-2738191